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The town of Bonnyville selects Stantec for Lakeshore Drive Park recreation plan

The town of Bonnyville has made a significant step forward in enhancing its community recreational facilities with Stantec’s approval to complete a comprehensive Community Recreation Plan for the Lakeshore Drive Park area. This decision was reached despite Stantec’s bid being higher than the other two competing companies. 


During the March 26 Town of Bonnyville council meeting, administrators presented compelling reasons favoring Stantec’s selection. Not only has the municipality previously collaborated with Stantec, but the company also secured the highest score in the Request for Proposal evaluation process. 


Stantec’s proposal stood out due to its superior commitment to deliverables and the quality of work promised. Mayor Elisa Brosseau highlighted Stantec’s apparent knowledge of nearby Jessie Lake, reinforcing the company’s understanding of the local landscape. 


Although the council initially allocated $75,000 for the recreation plan, the total cost for engaging Stantec’s services is $77,000, with the additional funds sourced from the general capital budget. 

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The information presented during the meeting stated, “The purpose of this plan is to achieve the council’s vision and have a forward-thinking view of possible recreational or cultural upgrades that residents want along the Lakeshore Drive Park area.” 


The selected firm, Stantec, will be entrusted with a comprehensive range of tasks, including conducting a residential survey, hosting stakeholder engagement sessions and community workshops, developing a conceptual plan, and facilitating additional rounds of engagement to review the proposed plan with stakeholders and the community.  


“Administration is of the opinion that Stantec’s previous environmental analysis on Jessie Lake will benefit the process and keep engagement outcomes realistic and achievable from a regulatory perspective,” affirmed the presented information.  


The council unanimously voted to proceed with Stantec for the project, reflecting their confidence in its capabilities.  


“I’m really excited to get this project going,” expressed Mayor Brosseau, echoing the sentiments of the council and the broader community eagerly anticipating the enhancements to Lakeshore Drive Park.  

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