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Summer event organizers seek support from the city of Cold Lake

With warmer weather approaching, Cold Lake residents and visitors eagerly anticipate a diverse array of exciting events set to unfold in the region. From farm-to-table dinners to vibrant music festivals, the summer season promises abundant entertainment and cultural enrichment. Several of these anticipated festivities captured the spotlight at the recent city of Cold Lake council meeting on April 9, as organizers sought help from the city to ensure their success.  

Open Farm Days 

Guy Bonneau introduced the concept of Open Farm Days, a province-wide initiative designed to promote agritourism and rural sustainability. Scheduled for August 17 and 18, the event invites visitors to explore the region’s farms, interact with local producers, and indulge in unique culinary experiences. Bonneau highlighted plans for an unforgettable farm-to-table dinner on the Marina Break Wall, featuring collaboration between farmers and talented chefs to showcase the best of local cuisine.  


Feast at the Beach  

Joanne Roch, Vice-president of the Cold Lake Chamber of Commerce, shared details about Feast at the Beach, stated for Labor Day weekend. This community festival promises a weekend filled with entertainment and culinary delights for all ages, fostering community spirit and attracting visitors from across the province. The Chamber requested $20,000 from the city to support the event and ensure its continued success and growth.  


Fast Lane Connections  

Serina Parsons from the Bonnyville and District Chamber of Commerce introduced Fast Lane Connections, an initiative aimed at revolutionizing networking in the region. Scheduled for June 19 in Cold Lake and June 20 in Bonnyville, this event offers tailored introductions and dynamic networking opportunities for industry leaders and local businesses. Parsons sought sponsorship support from the city council to facilitate the event’s success.  

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Billie Jo Aasen, owner and executive producer of Mudfest, provided updates for this year’s event, following its successful run in 2023. With an impressive lineup featuring bull riding and live music by renowned artists, Mudfest promises excitement for attendees. Aasen requested $20,000 from the city to enhance the event’s overall experience and contribute to its positive impact on tourism.  


The city council expressed interest in supporting the event and will deliberate on the requests at the next council meeting. The decisions made will not only shape the summer calendar but also contribute to the vibrancy and cultural richness of the cold lake community.  

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