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Village of Glendon Knows How to Number Properties

The Village of Glendon wants to assure residents that no, nobody in the village has the exact same address as anybody else and they have a system to make sure of it.
After hearing a few concerns of this nature, the village hopes to put them to rest. “We would like to reassure everyone that each residence and business has their own separate address,” a Facebook status posted by the Village Council reads. “We have followed the municipal addressing system. When you walk around the Village you will probably notice a house on every block that has the same house number as yours. This does not mean they have the same address.”

While two buildings might have the same house number, the key is that they’re on two different streets. Street name is just as important at the house number. “The majority of every other town, village, or city have this same addressing system and if you go to another town and pay attention to the house numbers you will notice that the houses on the next blocks also have the same number.”

To put any remaining doubts to rest, the village even included a map of the hamlet of Therien in their post, showing that yes, it too featured houses with the same number on different streets. If any worries linger though, they invite you to call them at 780-635-3807.

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