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Vehicle thefts doubles down stealing two trucks in three days

A brazen vehicle thief, Klody Cardinal, 19, of Cold Lake, has left residents and authorities in Bonnyville on high alert after he was arrested for the second time in three days for stealing trucks. 


The spree began on March 6th when a member of the Bonnyville RCMP attempted to stop a truck for running a stop sign. Instead of complying, the driver led officers on a chase to a trailer park north of Bonnyville. Eventually, the driver, identified as Klody Cardinal, was apprehended.  


Investigation revealed that the truck, a 2012 Ford F150, was reported stolen from Glendon just hours before the incident. Cardinal faced charged including possession of a stolen truck over $5,000, obstruction, and flight from a police officer. Despite these serious charges, Cardinal was released by a Justice of the Peace with the condition that he is not found in possession of a vehicle unless the registered owner was present.  


However, three days later, on March 9th, Cardinal was spotted by RCMP fueling up another stolen vehicle, a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado reported stolen from Ardmore a week earlier. When approached by law enforcement, Cardinal attempted to flee once again, but this time, he was unsuccessful. He abandoned the stolen vehicle and attempted to escape on foot. However, he was swiftly captured by a joint effort of Bonnyville RCMP and Cold Lake Police Dog Services. ‘ 

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Cardinal now faces additional charges, including, possession of a stolen truck over $5,000, obstruction, theft from a motor vehicle, and failing to comply with a release order. Despite the gravity of these charges and his recent arrest, Cardinal was released once again by a Justice of the Peace, raising concerns among residents and law enforcement about the effectiveness of the justice system in deterring repeat offenders.  


His court appearance is scheduled for March 19th.  

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