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Cold Lake’s Lakeshore Drive project going to tender again

The City of Cold Lake is looking to try getting the Lakeshore Drive project up and running again.

Cold Lake tried to tender the project last summer and Mayor Craig Copeland says they are going to try once again in 2023, with $6 million already allocated for the project.

“This will be our second time putting it up for tender and we are going to do it a bit differently this time,” Copeland adds.

The project looks to fix the underground infrastructure and roadway failing with a  significant overhaul. A retaining wall will allow the development of a new linear parkway from the Cold Lake Marina to 2 Avenue. Alongside the retaining wall, underground utilities will be replaced and architectural features will be added. The project was initially estimated at roughly $15 million but has now bloomed to over $25 million due to inflation.

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Copeland says this is not only for the aesthetics but to keep the residents safe.

“That hillside is starting to fall into the lake and so we have to fix that area. The road is really failing and so we have to get in there and do this project. The further you delay this project the worse it gets. We have to get in there and get it done.”

Copeland says the water-sewer also needs to be replaced.

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