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Cold Lake citizen expresses concern about drag performer: queen responds on Tiktok

During Cold Lake’s City Council meeting a “concerned citizen” questioned the approval of Chelazon Leroux’s as a guest speaker during a Youth Conference in April.

Leighton Grey talked to the council and spoke against the performer saying they did not represent family values. Grey showed a video of Chelazon Leroux performing during the meeting and says he is not there to criticize the artist but ask questions.

“I’m not criticizing that artist. I’m not criticizing transgender people, I respect them. However, what I’m here to question is the allocation of public funds under the auspices of family, that’s what the F in FCSS stands for, unless I’m quite mistaken. That (referencing the video) does not express family values.”

Grey says Transgender is antithetical to family and there’s no such thing as transgender families. Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland says council will talk about the delegation at the next council meeting.

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“Over the years our council has always been open to conversations and opinions from the delegation. Mr. Grey came and wanted to present his displeasure for FCSS money going toward the youth conference which he is allowed to do.”

Copeland says FCSS has mostly provincial money in it with a little bit from the M.D. of Bonnyville and Cold Lake. The FCSS does programming through the community. The Youth Conference came as a funding grant from MFRC and FCSS granted money towards the program.

“I think everyone has to realize Cold Lake is an urban city that is an all-inclusive community. The big thing is as a parent you can allow your child to attend.”

Chelazon Leroux competed on season 3 of Canada’s Drag Race and placed 10th. The performer posted a response on TikTok saying they are frustrated.

“Tell me why should I or why must I sign a document stating that I know what family-friendly means. It’s absurd because you would not ask that of any other person.”

Leroux says they thought handing over their criminal background check would be more legitimate.

“It frustrates me that this is only pointed towards me, as someone who is not only Indigenous, but queer. And we know that there’s a narrative around what is friend-friendly, or being queer is family-friendly. I exist, I’m not going anywhere.” 

In their years of doing drag, they have never seen anything this demeaning. 

The Youth Conference is taking place between April third and fourth and is aimed at kids 12 to 17 and is free to attend as long as kids get a signed permission form.

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