More details have been released on the province’s COVID-19 “Alberta Recovery Plan”. The UCP government says it will be providing municipalities with $500 million “…in additional funding to build shovel-ready infrastructure projects starting in 2020, creating thousands of jobs as part of [the plan].”

“The past five months have been tough for Albertans as we faced the global coronavirus recession, the unprecedented collapse of energy prices, and the COVID-19 pandemic. But Albertans are resilient, and Alberta’s Recovery Plan is a bold plan to build, diversify, and create jobs. This investment will provide municipalities with the funding they need to get through this crisis, create good jobs now, and build the infrastructure that will fuel economic growth in our province for generations to come.” says Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

The province says municipalities and Metis Settlements may begin applying for funding to build roads, bridges, water and wastewater treatment plants, and other infrastructure that would not have been built in 2020 or 2021 without the stimulus.

The government also says it will match $233 million in federal funding to support municipal operating costs during the pandemic and $70 million to support public transit operating costs – for a total of $606 million under the Safe Restart Agreement.

“As COVID-19 has created many economic challenges in our society, this announcement is a great demonstration of partnership between all levels of government and will go a long way to help stimulate the Alberta economy. This will also create an opportunity to address the infrastructure needs and increased operating costs in our rural municipalities, as well as provide much-needed jobs for our residents,” says Al Kemmere, President of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta