Bonnyville and area students recently had a chance to learn about the very serious consequences of drinking and driving. The annual “mock collision” was hosted at the Bonnyville C2 on Tuesday. It takes Grade 10 students through a simulated car crash, from beginning to emergency response and even to pick-up of deceased passengers from a funeral director. Bonnyville Regional Fire Chief Jay Melvin says the use of actors and makeup really drives home the message of the day.

“It’s as real as they will see it without having to be at an actual emergency scene, which we hope they will never see.”

The simulation is spearheaded by Victim Services in Bonnyville with the co-operation of the BRFA and local RCMP. Recently the Bonnyville Health Centre has become involved to add another layer of realism to the experience. Melvin says it’s a real eye-opener for students.

“It just gives the students an understanding of with just one mistake, how many people are involved in it.”

Other mock collision scenes are held across the province, usually as a part of the Career and Life Management (CALM) high school courses.