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Program offers Lakeland a chance to see, taste fresh grown food

A program in the Lakeland that has barrels of fresh grown vegetables and flowers is back for another summer. The Incredible Edibles program put on by St. Paul’s Champions of Change, has 63 barrels stationed around St. Paul and 10 in Elk Point and Mallaig with freshly grown herbs, vegetables, and edible plants. The project is in partnership with the Thrive on Wellness committee and their plan to help with healthy eating in St. Paul.

Champions for Change Chairperson Penny Fox says the project has a bit of history in the communities.

“The Incredible Edibles project was started a few years ago, with the idea that we actually got on the internet. It’s about simply growing food in our community in places you wouldn’t normally see food grown.”

Everything in the barrels is edible, including the pansy flowers and herbs and vegetables like corn and peppers. The barrels are free to smell, touch and when the time is right, pick and have a taste, as long as they don’t have any signage up.

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Fox says finding them won’t be hard for those curious, as they’re in some high traffic areas.

“10 of them are along the walking trail, besides the Iron Horse Trail here in town. The other 50 are located in front of businesses around the town of St. Paul.”

10 more barrels have been put out in communities like Elk Point and Mallaig for this summer to try out the program and see if it’s well received. Fox is proud of the project, citing the acclaim it’s received from Communities in Bloom.

More about the St. Paul Champions of Change can be found on their website.

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