The Chief Administrative Officer for the MD of Bonnyville has resigned. Chris Cambridge tendered his resignation earlier in the week. His final day of work for the MD was on Monday. Caroline Palmer has stepped in as an interim CAO, she says the position comes with some responsibility.

“The CAO works directly with council and staff in the day-to-day operation of the municipality on the whole.”

Palmer will take over the position knowing it won’t be forever. She says the MD has a plan for the future of the job.

“They (The MD) are looking for an interim CAO and from there they will be going for the permanent position for a CAO which takes time, so that’s why the interim will possibly be put in place.”

Palmer says she can’t put a pinpoint on how long finding a new permanent person for the job may take. She figures it may take up to six months based on the last time the job was posted.