The City of Cold Lake will be getting a boost in its transit program. The province announced late last week that around $987,000 from the provincial and federal government will be given to the city to help with the operation of Cold Lake Transit. Mayor Craig Copeland is happy with the funding, and says the money already has a purpose.

“It’s gonna go towards the two new buses that the City of Cold Lake has ordered. The municipality will be bringing some money to the table, but the federal government and provincial government are the primary funders.”

Copeland says the addition of two more busses in the north and south of Cold Lake will be terrific for the service users. He says the provincial and federal government was impressed with the system in place.

“I know that the province and the feds were both impressed with our transit system in Cold Lake. (We’re a) small community of 15,000, not too many communities like that have transit.”

The Cold Lake grant is just one of a $3.3 billion dollar initiative by the two governments in infrastructure. The feds are hoping the investments will see job growth as well as positive environmental impact for the communities offered funding.