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Resident Concerned About Garbage Under Lessard Bridge

Shea Neudorf has lived near Lessard Bridge for ten years and recently decided to take things into her own hands to clean it up.

“I had seen other people talking about how much garbage there was under around the bridge,” she says. “I was driving and I stopped and looked around. There was beer bottles, wine bottle, pop cans, a lot of 7-Eleven Cups. Stuff you’d expect from people partying. There was actually a half inflated tube that filled with water and sank on someone, and they just left it there. I thought that wasn’t great so I was like ‘You know what? I’ve got nothing to do and time to kill. Why not pick it up?’

Neudorf ended up filling up a full garbage bag full of trash around the bridge.

“I know people like to float down the river and usually you start at Lessard Bridge and go through to 892 through Ardmore. I figured it probably wasn’t nice if you’re going out with your family or friends and there’s a bunch of garbage lying there.”

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It’s no secret that there’s one group in particular that gets scapegoated for this kind of mess, but Neudorf doesn’t think that’s fair.

“A lot of people like to blame all the teenagers in the area. I graduated from BCHS not too long ago and I think a lot of time they get blamed. I don’t necessarily think it’s all the teenagers. It’s just a few people that don’t have any sense in them.”

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