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Cold Lake to Smoke Test Sewers

The City of Cold Lake has hired a company to perform smoke testing of their sewer systems over the next few weeks.

The city says that by blowing smoke into the sewers, they can identify leaks that might be letting rainwater into the system. By eliminating them, overflows can be eliminated and prevent damage to the environment. Maintenance costs should be reduced as well.

During the brief test, residents might see small amounts of smoke coming from roof vents or manholes. This is nothing to worry about. Smoke shouldn’t enter any houses or businesses, but if it is,  it is more than likely coming from a lower floor drain that is connected to the building’s sewer system.

Although the smoke used in the testing is harmless if, during the test, smoke does enter your home or business please contact Nick Schellenberg with SFE Global at 204-654-2713 Ext. 1. He will contact the outside field crews working in the area and they will find the leak.

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Further tests may be required to confirm cross connections,” says a press release released today,  “This is typically in the form of a dye test. Crews may knock on your door and ask that you flush dye tablets down one of your toilets in order to determine that wastewater is being directed down the appropriate pipes.”

If you have any questions regarding the testing you are welcome to contact Rezaur Bhuiyan or Colin Thibeau at 780-594-4494 Ext 7975 or 780-594-4494 Ext 7934, respectively.

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