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Bonnyville RCMP remind drivers to be safe around school zones

As students across the Lakeland get ready to head back to school, the Bonnyville RCMP is asking drivers to be careful while driving through playground and school zones. 

Detachment Commander for the Bonnyville RCMP S/Sgt. Sarah Parke says it is that time of year and drivers need to be careful.  

“It is important for both motorists and pedestrians to be vigilant and paying attention on the roadways. There are several school zones located throughout Bonnyville and the M.D. which means slowing down to 30 kilometers an hour.” 

Parke says the driver might even need to drive slower than thirty if there are many little kids around. 

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According to Edmonton’s website on traffic safety vehicles traveling 30 km/h need only 8-10 meters to stop in ideal conditions or around 15 meters in poor conditions. By slowing down to 30 km/h motorists have a better opportunity to react when children are crossing the road, and students stand a better chance of surviving a pedestrian/vehicle collision. 

Parke wanted to highlight pedestrians can also help reduce the risk by paying attention while crossing the road. 

“Just because a pedestrian has the right of way at an intersection does not mean that all motorists are going to stop. It is important for the pedestrians to keep their heads up and make eye contact with drivers.” 

Parke recommends walking with your head up and putting down the phone while crossing the street. If drivers fail to follow the speed limit they will be handed a speeding ticket anywhere from $81 to $495 depending on how fast the driver was going.

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