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Lakeland Catholic has new table-top RPG class

Lakeland Catholic is rolling the dice on a new locally-developed course. 

Assumption Jr/Sr High School teacher Peter Godin has designed a course that sparks creativity and innovation, all while teaching students valuable life skills. 

This is the first high school course of its kind in Alberta.

“I have been working on this project for nearly two years and Alberta Education has approved this curriculum for student use thus allowing Assumption to offer table-top RPG Design for the first time ever,” said Godin. 

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He continued saying it was a dream-to-life experience. “Without the support of my outstanding colleagues inside and out of Assumption, this could not have happened, and I cannot thank everyone enough.”

Currently, there are 24 students enrolled in the three-credit course.

Grade 11 student Kaley Boddy says they initially dismissed the course but found it incredibly helpful.

(Photo supplied by Meagan MacEachern for Lakeland Catholic School Division )

“Despite my more introverted, quiet nature and the collaborative environment this course created, I am extraordinarily grateful I switched to this option. It is structured around the imagination; testing the limits of what you can create, and you get to create your own stories, adventures, and worlds through it.”

Adam Baskerville, Grade 12, said one of the most enticing aspects of the class was the ability to bring to life your own world. 

“This course is important because it allows you to fully explore what you can create, bringing the time and resources to be able to make whatever it is that you want, and be rewarded for your creativity. This class has been a great chance to fabricate a new reality that can be a great release for almost anyone.”

Noah Brockhoff decided to try the course because of his pre-existing interest in game design. 

“A class to learn about it and play with others in the process is perfect for me,” he said. 

Students use their creative writing skills to develop backstories, dialogue, and characters, while building on their social skills, Godin explained. 

“A lot of this is creative writing, it’s taking that story and putting it into a game. It’s ‘put your world into this game, what types of interactions would you have with these people in your world?’”

But, he added, there are even further opportunities for the students to learn in areas such as math and technology. 

The course has students work together to problem-solve, share ideas, and brainstorm innovative ways for their characters to overcome unconventional problems. 

Adam said, “This course is incredibly valuable, it’s a safe place where there is no bad idea that can’t be used. This course builds confidence and self-esteem in what you can create, allowing everyone to experiment and grow in an environment that supports every type of person. I highly recommend this course to everyone, whether you have an interest in role-playing games or not. It is an experience like no other. I wish we’d had a course like this throughout school, it makes me want to be there.”

(Photo supplied by Meagan MacEachern for Lakeland Catholic School Division )

The course even has the support of world-renowned table-top gaming leaders including D&D Beyond. 

“These companies have graciously donated to our course. This is the very first time that table-top RPG Design has been offered in Alberta using this curriculum as a high school course.  Most importantly, students are having fun and learning. I am excited to see what the students can do as we grow this program,” added Godin. 

There is no final exam, Godin explained, but there is a final project: a finished table-top game of their own design.

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