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It could be a buyers market for cannabis in Canada soon; Children from broken homes more likely to become obese, says U.K. study

Canada looking at an oversupply of cannabis by end of 2019

Canada might have too much legal marijuana by the end of the year. CTV reports a BDS Analytics study which had the country on pace for an oversupply but it depends on how the legalization of edibles impacts the market.  The organization said the situation could be really good for buyers as prices will likely drop.

Kids whose parents divorce more at risk of being overweight later in life

Children from broken homes are more likely to become obese and the situation gets worse over time. CTV news cited a study from the U.K. that looked at the Body Mass Index of 7,500 children between 9 months and 11-years-old. The numbers showed those who went through a divorce were significantly more overweight than those who didn’t.

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Cellphones to blame for younger generations growing horns

Smartphones and Tablets are considered responsible for horn-like protrusions growing on the back of the head of human skulls. Australian researched have apparently been studying the phenomenon for years. They say 41 percent of the 200 people they looked at between ages 18 and 30 had the bulges.


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