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“The case is not closed”: RCMP

Contrary to what his family thinks, Onion Lake RCMP says it is still investigating the death of 54-year-old Glenn Kelly Waskewitch.

Corporal Rob King says police were already reviving the case before a protest was made by the family.

“The case is not closed. There are still some outstanding things that need to be done. At this point, one of the things that need to be done was to take another look at the case and make sure it was done properly, and that all the information was taken into account, and that the conclusions drawn were logical based on the evidence as it was presented.”

The family told media that they believe the RCMP hasn’t done its job of investigating Waskewitch’s death. His body was found in a wooded area on the Onion Lake reserve in August, but his head has still not been found.

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The conclusion made by a provincial coroner was that the Cree man took his life and animals damaged his remains. However, his family doesn’t believe that.

Last Wednesday during a protest, family and friends expressed their frustrations towards the case. Onion Lake Chief Henry Lewis believes RCMP called off the investigation too quickly. The family is asking for an autopsy and thorough investigation.

An embalmer at the funeral home near St.Walburg reportedly told family members that Waskewitch’s death didn’t appear to be a suicide or the work of animals.

Corporal King says once a case is labelled non-suspicious the coroner determines whether an autopsy is needed.

“I don’t know how much experience the embalmer would have with suicides but with the opinion of the investigators and the coroner at the time, that’s what it was ruled.”

People from the reserve have spent the past couple months looking for Waskewitch’s skull. Corporal King says RCMP is constantly working with Onion Lake and has tried to be in as much contact with Weskewitch’s family as possible.

Written by Tre Lopushinsky,

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