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Cold Lake snow removal

The snow has caused a lot of issues in the Lakeland area and the city of Cold Lake has decided it is time to remove the blanket of problem.

Public worker crews and contractors are working together to remove as much snow as they can. The team is also sanding the streets as much as you can.

The streets are maintained in priority based on the ranking and trigger system. The public can see the priority route maps for Cold Lake North and Cold Lake South here.

Snow removal priority routes
Priority Road types Clearing target Trigger
1 (Red) Highway 28, hospital access, downtown core, Regional Airport runway ASAP after snowfall 1-3 cm. accumulated snow
2 (Blue) Minor arterials, highway commercial areas, Lakeshore commercial district, trail system Within 72 hours of snowfall 3-5 cm. accumulated snow
3 (Yellow) Secondary commercial areas, minor collector roads Within 5 days of snowfall 3 cm. packed snow
4 (Green) Reserved for future expansion Within 10 days of snowfall 5 cm. packed snow
5 (Grey) Residential neighbourhoods (non-bus route) Within 15 days of snowfall 7 cm. packed snow

There are a couple of things residents can do to assist the city in cleaning the streets. By following the list below the city can keep the streets accessible for everyone:

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  • Remove your vehicles from the street on your assigned day. Signs are posted at the entrances to neighbourhoods at least 24 hours before crews arrive. When vehicles are left on the street, it takes causes delays to manoeuvre around them and leaves an unfinished section of the street.
  • Remove driveway boards or ramps on your assigned day. They can get caught in the machinery and cause damage and costly delays.
  • Avoid streets where our crews are working. The less traffic and congestion we have to deal with, the faster we can get in and out of your neighbourhood.
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