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Information on The Pony Creek-Conklin Fire


the Incident Commander of LWF 126, the Pony Creek fire, has downgraded the status from out of control to BEING HELD. This is a major accomplishment on a fire and our thanks and appreciation go out to all the firefighters, staff, air tanker pilots, helicopter pilots, logistics staff, operations and planning staff, radio operators and dispatchers, warehouse staff and everyone else involved. Fighting wildfire is complex. This team worked hard to contain this fire to the point that it can be classified as BEING HELD.

The photo below shows some firefighters hard at work extinguishing ground fire.




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The fire remains classified as out of control, although the size did not change today and remains at 2974 hectares.  Today saw very good progress on the construction of dozer guard and we estimate the fire is about 75% contained.  The weather is co-operating and crews are working diligently to put out hotspots around the perimeter as well as within the fire boundary.  Other crews are working with pumps and hoses to extinguish deep burning ground fire in places.

Almost 200 firefighters, staff, pilots and heavy equipment operators are working on Pony Creek fire. Although the rain was great for the fire, I’m sure our firefighters will be happy to have dry feet for the rest of the week, as there is no more rain in the forecast.



This fire remains classified as out of control at 2,974 hectares.  There was no new growth today. This fire received less precip than LWF 122, but still enough to settle the fire down.  Ground crews worked along with the dozer units to continue to build a guard around the fire.  Helicopters were bucketing on hot spots along the perimeter. The crews made good progress with today’s weather and have about 45% of the fire contained.

Everyday working on a fire is a tough day, but more so when you’re wet and cold.  Hats off to our more than 160 firefighters today for a job well done!

There is no map today as the perimeter has not changed.



This fire remains classified as out of control and is 2980 hectares.  The change in size is due to more accurate gps measurements that we were able to take when the smoke cleared today.

There was active fire today within the perimeter of the burn.  Green areas, torching trees, and smoke were visible however all action was inside the perimeter of the fire area – no new growth.  Today cat units continued to construct dozerline around the perimeter of the fire.  We estimate the fire is about 25% contained.  Ground crews worked to secure the dozer lines while helicopters with buckets worked to extinguish any excursions beyond the guard.  Winds permitting, the plan for tomorrow is to continue guard construction and burn off an unburnt patch on the south end of the fire.

There are more than 150 firefighters and staff fighting this fire, as well as air tankers, 6 helicopters, 5 cat units, 1 water truck, engines, and other heavy equipment.

This map shows the perimeter of the fire today.  Distances haven’t changed from yesterday’s report.  We will have some photos for you tomorrow.

conklin fire 1



This fire is 3090 hectares. Today saw smouldering ground fire with torching trees within greenn islands that didn’t burn off previously. The fire continues to be held at the power line on the east. Ground crews worked along side cat units to establish guard around the fire.  We estimate the guard is about  17% of the fire perimeter.  Air support including air tankers and helicopters with buckets also worked to contain the fire today.

There are currently about 150 firefighters and staff as well as 6 helicopters, airtankers, five cat units, water trucks and other heavy equipment.  Tomorrow 41 firefighters from BC will join the team.

The fire is approximately 16 km east of Waddell Road, 20 km north of Leismer, 5 km west of Highway 881, 16 km west of Janvier, and 18 km west of Conklin.



****May 29th, 2015****

There is an active fire burning near Conklin, which is classified as out-of-control. The fire has grown  over the past few days and is now 3090 hectares – it didn’t shrink over the last few days, but crews were able to get a more accurate GPS measurement completed on May 27th, 2015, when the smoke lifted.The fire is approximately 16 km east of Waddell Road, 20 km north of Leismer, 5 km west of Highway 881, 16 km west of Janvier, and 18 km west of Conklin.

When last updated on May 28th,  fire behavior was largely smoldering ground fire and isolated torching trees. The fire was trying to creep east to the power line corridor.  Sustained tanker action since early morning helped keep the fire at bay.

The plan for today is to continue to work on the guard with ground crews and air support. Earlier in the week, Statoil Canada and MEG Energy took safety precautions to ensure their employees are safe.

Winds for today are expected to be blowing in the southwest direction. It is believe this will  push smoke towards Highway 881 and Conklin.  Contact the RCMP for road closure information.

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