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The Town of Bonnyville is Under a Full Fire Ban

A fire ban has been issued for the town of Bonnyville. The Town wants to ensure the safety of its citizens and has declared a fire ban, which includes backyard fire pits.

Mayor Gene Sobolewski says the fire ban wants prompted by the urging of The Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, “the Fire Authority wrote us a note and asked us to get on board making sure everything is tinder dry out there, including in a lot of yards.”

“As a precaution The Town did issue a fire ban,” continues Mayor Sobolewski, who says although the town is concerned about fires, the ban should not affect the Canada Day Celebrations. “the one caveat that we did put on it is that we’d try to make every efforts such that on July 1st, that’s fireworks night, that we’re still able to hold the fireworks.”

Mayor Sobolewski says Bonnyville Town Council is willing to go to some extremes to make sure the celebrations are held, “that means if we have to put a barge out in the middle of Jesse Lake and launch the works, that’s basically what we’re suggesting.”

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Mayor Sobolewski ends with a sentiment true to all, “we love our fireworks here in Bonnyville.” (That we do, Mayor Gene, that we do.)

The Province of Alberta is under a full fire ban, no new permits will be issued and outstanding permits have been suspended. Further no campfires will be allowed on campgrounds or back country.

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