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Grand Parlour Gets Go-Ahead Again

The Grand Parlour can continue with its plans to bring the performing arts to Cold Lake after a rather anticlimactic meeting.

An appeal had been filed against their approval from city hall and was supposed to be resolved at a meeting last night, but it was withdrawn at the last minute.

“Basically the meeting itself was an open and close,” says Craig Konechny, one of the people trying to get the theatre going. “We didn’t have an opportunity to speak or ask for changes in the conditions on the application way back in November there. We’re just talking with the city now as for what our options are for some of those conditions and what we can do to get them released. But we are approved now.”

All the conditions relate to parking. Konechney says with most of the theatre’s activities being in the afternoon and the downtown being pretty dead after sundown, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue as the conditions are making it to be.

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There was a solid turnout for the Grand Parlour at the meeting. Between 120 and 150 people braved the awful conditions to show their support for the project.

Konechny hopes to get the hammers going in the building within three to four weeks.

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