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APTN Show Filming at Portage College This Weekend

A film crew is coming to Portage College this Saturday to shoot an episode for the APTN series Skindigenous.

The series focuses on the revival of Indigenous tattoo practices in Canada and around the world.The crew just returned from South East Asia and are now headed to some very, very different scenery has they make their way to Lac La Biche.

Portage College Native Arts and Culture Program Alumnus, Amy Malbeuf will be tattooing her former instructor Ruby Sweetman with the traditional skin-stitch tattoo practice.

It’s not just any tattoo either.

“The tattoo is of a design in Northern Woodland Cree applique beadwork created by Metis Elder, Elsie Quintal a lady whom I studied under for 20 + years in Hide Tanning, Beadwork and Footwear,” says Sweetman. “This would be one way I can show my respect to Elsie, even though she is no longer with us, and having Amy as a Graduate of this program being a skilled Traditional and Contemporary Artist would give me great honor.”

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The filming will make up one of Skindigenous’s thirteen half-hour documentaries, each depicting the tattooing tradition of a different indigenous culture around the world. “The art of the tattoo will become the lens through which we discover this people’s unique perspective on the world,” the TV show’s Facebook page reads.

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