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Hang In There, the Bitter Cold is Almost Gone

With temperatures in the Lakeland hitting as low as minus 33 this morning, some Lakelanders might be starting to wonder if this cold snap will ever end.

It’s been an unseasonably cold March so far. Highs around this time of year usually average only a couple degrees below zero, but they’ve regularly failed to get above double digits on the negative side this past week.

Well there is some good news. Meteorologist with Environment Canada Brian Proctor says there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It looks as though things are going to moderate significantly after the weekend. The forecast for the community in the area is for lows of minus 28 tonight with a sort of gradual moderation as we approach the weekend with highs getting up to the mid negative teens. It really starts to warm up on Saturday as we bring in a little bit of cloud in and the possibility of some snow associated with that at minus 18.

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“Our long range forecast is really showing some modification of the air mass and shifting it to the northeast for the Monday/Tuesday time frame. Highs on Monday right now are looking to be in the minus four range with overnight lows of minus fourteen, so getting closer to normal [for the season.] By Tuesday we’ll have highs somewhere around the freezing mark and overnight lows around minus nine, so back to normal conditions. There’s going to be some significant warming over the weekend. We’re going to have to get through the next twenty four to fourty eight hours first though.”

After another long Albertan winter, expect things to take a turn for the warmer soon.

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