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Trinity Christian Injunction Ends Tomorrow

Trinity Christian School’s Temporary injunction to continue business-as-usual comes to an end tomorrow as a hearing in Grande Prairie gets underway.

The Cold Lake based private school – which accounts for about a third of all home-schooled children in Alberta- has come under fire after having their accreditation suddenly revoked in October over accusations of years of misspending public funds. The province alleges that the school diverted their funding to Wisdom Homeschooling, where it was spent on things such as alcohol, gifts, gift cards, parties, babysitting costs, and funeral expenses.

A court awarded them the right to continue operations until tomorrow’s court date. However, the court also allowed the province to withhold funding for the school during that period as well.

Trinity’s lawyer, Jay Cameron was pleased with the injunction at the time it was announced. ““It ensures that the parents and the students who have been tremendously disrupted by this ill-considered decision will continue to have a school to go to until January 5th at the least.”

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“Alberta Education’s imposition of the closure upon the families of 3,500 students, without due process, has been overturned today by due process. The rights of parents, upheld by the Canadian Charter, have been upheld by the Court of Queen’s Bench,”  a statement released by Trinity Christian read.

The Wildrose party was also critical of what they deemed to be the rash closure of the school, saying the parents and students affected were given no warning to come up with an alternative education plan.

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