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MD To Host Clubroot and Blackleg Information Session Jan 11th

Ever since an outbreak of clubroot in 2015, the MD of Bonnyville has been on high alert for the disease and wants to educate as many producers in the area on the issue as possible.

As has become an annual event occurring some time in the first few months in the year, the district will be hosting an information session on the crop disease as well as the fungal-based blackleg on January 11th at the Flat Lake Hall.

Scheduled from 5:30 to 8:30, topics covered will include the latest research on the diseases, how they spread and how to best manage the disease. The MD will also be providing an update on the status of clubroot and blackleg within their borders.

Several guest speakers will be at the session as well. These include Dan Orchard, Agronomy Specialist for the Canola Council of Canada,  Krista Zuzak, M.Sc , Senior Research Technologist and Tanya Warren , IPM Specialist at the Plant Health Lab in Edmonton.

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Clubroot – as the name suggests – gives the roots of infected crops a club-like appearance. This can significantly reduce yields and can often kill them entirely. The disease hits crops of the cabbage family, including canola and mustard and is soil-borne. The disease has been present in Canada since 2003.

Blackleg affects the cabbage family as well. Two species of fungus cause the infection. One of these, eptosphaeria maculans, is highly aggressive and can cause serious yield losses in canola. It was first spotted in Western Canada in the 70’s.

Interested people must register to attend. Call or text Keith (780-645-0154) or Janice (780-207-0560) to do so.

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