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Cold Lake Residents to Help Decide Use of Photo Radar Revenue

Cold Lake residents willl soon be able to have a say in what the money collected from photo radar in the city goes to.

The city says the Photo Enforced Traffic Safety Program has been going well since fines were first handed out in August. All the revenue collected from them will be put into an Infrastructure Safety Fund, which Cold Lake says will be used for projects that “promote public safety, prevent a public safety issue, and/or to address an existing safety concern.”

“Ensuring that funds from this program are earmarked for public safety is a huge priority for us,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “With the funds from this program, we can turn around and help work on areas that citizens identify as a public safety concern.”

Members of the public will be able to add their own two cents in about what those projects might be. Residents will soon have the option to submit applications for projects the fund could be used for, so long as it is for a recognized public safety need, a preventable public safety issue, or a safety concern in the community. The city adds the application “must address a proposed infrastructure-based solution.”

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“We’re hoping to see some great applications come forward,” said Copeland. “A lot of people have come to me with safety concerns, and now there will be a fund we can pull from to help create a solution.”

If the fund isn’t used up by the end of the year, leftover cash will carry over into next year.

A set of guidelines will be available to ensure transparency and consistent administration of the funds. These guidelines will cover the eligibility criteria, the application process, the evaluation process, and the fiscal management of funds. The guidelines will be available to the public in detail at, where an application form will also be found. They will be advertised once ready and available.

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