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MD Provides Status Update on Ardmore Construction

The MD of Bonnyville says major construction in Ardmore is likely to continue for another three to four years, but by the end of it the hamlet’s infrastructure will be completely overhauled from top to bottom.

The MD has published a brochure detailing their plan for the area. Council decided to phase the project over several years due to budget limitations. “It is impossible to tear up the whole hamlet  and complete all the work in one construction season,” it reads. “Using the phased approach, there will  be one year that looks like total chaos as the  street is totally ripped up, and then the second where the street is blocked for paving, curbs,  gutter and sidewalk. Residents can enjoy the  entire new view in the third year.”

Crews are expected to have surface work done on the West Side by next year while work on the east side is scheduled for completion in 2018. “The east side of Ardmore is smaller in size, so construction is expected to take two to three phases,” the pamphlet details. “One year of street excavation, one year to do the surface work and one year to complete the storm pond. There are also less elevation issues on the east end of Ardmore.”

While Ardmore residents might have to ride out some short-term pain, the MD is confident that the investment they’re making into the hamlet will pay off in the long run. “M.D. Council believes these infrastructure improvements will help grow the hamlet. New lots are being serviced as the work is being done to accommodate new growth. The improvements will increase property values for the majority of residents.”

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The project is aiming to bring Ardmore up from rural standards to urban, much like nearby Fort Kent. That means paved roads, proper gutters, sidewalks and the whole works.  The MD is asking for residents to hang in for a while  yet while the proverbial growing pains continue. “Currently the Improvement Project is in Year Four, Phase 4. This year, M.D. Council put in an extra $1.3 million towards the underground phase of the project to take advantage of good pricing. That is why it seems like this year, everywhere you turn in the western section of Ardmore, you are encountering construction. It will all be worthwhile when all of the work is completed.”

If this already sounds like an ambitious and difficult project, it’s probably even more challenging than you might think at first. Ardmore was orignally built without any grading or drainage taken into consideration at all. That means literally every single street in the entire hamlet is going to have to be dug up, have a completely new drainage system installed and lowered from their original elevation. The MD says they’re working with residents on this adjustment. “Rest assured – crews work with homeowners to transition the elevation from old to new. Yards and driveways are sloped to accommodate drainage. No one is left hanging. Streets are transitioned to ensure a smooth drive through the hamlet.”

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