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Stubbs Backs Anti-Carbon Tax Petition

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs is sponsoring a petition calling for a stop on any federal carbon tax plan.

The federal government’s proposal for a national carbon price has proven to be a divisive issue in Canadian politics. Opposition has been most strongly felt in the Prairies and Maritimes. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says her government won’t support the initiative without progress on pipelines.

“Ultimately, it’s Canadians – families, workers, consumers, business owners, the middle class, people on fixed incomes, the working poor, and charities, who are going to pay the high costs and increased prices of all goods and services – the result of yet another tax,” said M.P. Stubbs.

“This particular tax will disproportionately target and harm rural, remote and energy-based communities. It’s just another cold-hearted cash grab from this Liberal government.”

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However, the Liberals remain firm. ” Canadians need economic growth and good jobs at the same time as we protect the environment,” said Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons Wednesday. “That is exactly what this government is showing leadership in doing, which was lacking for far too long from the previous government.”

The petition can be signed at at



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