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Obsolete Pesticide and Livestock Medication Being Collected in St. Paul

Farmers looking to safely and responsibly dispose of obsolete pesticides and livestock medications they have laying around can do so in St. Paul on October 5th.

Farmers can go to Andrukow Group Solutions between 9 and 4 on that day to dispose of any such materials. The program is being offered for free through CleanFARMS, an industry-led, national not-for-profit agricultural waste management organization, in partnership with the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI) and CropLife Canada.

“Alberta farmers are environmentally conscious and are pleased to partner with CleanFARMS to safely dispose of obsolete pesticides and livestock medications,” says Executive Director of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, Shannon Scofield. “The CleanFARMS collection program provides an excellent one-stop service for Alberta farmers to continue to protect the land.”

The program has been a raging success since it was introduced. Since 1998, Alberta farmers have turned in more than 370,000 kilograms of obsolete pesticides.

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“Alberta has a history of successful collections,” says Barry Friesen, General Manager of CleanFARMS. “The participation of Alberta farmers shows they are good stewards of their land and committed to protecting the environment.”

After collection, the pesticides and livestock medications are taken to a licensed waste management facility where they are disposed of through high temperature incineration.

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