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Fire Prevention Tips for The Holidays

Christmas Trees:

• Place the Christmas tree at least one meter away from any heat source, such as fireplaces and radiators.
• Try to position the tree near an outlet so that cords are not running long distances.
• Do not place the tree where it could block exits.
• Remember to keep your tree watered at all times and regularly check your tree for fresh, green needles. Trees that have dried out over several weeks burn faster than fresh, well-watered trees.
• Always unplug Christmas tree lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

• Do not put candles near your Christmas tree and never use lit candles to decorate a tree. Make sure any lit candles in the room are placed well away from tree branches.
• Ensure that candles are not left unattended and are extinguished prior to retiring for the night or leaving the room.

• Do not burn Christmas wrapping in the fireplace.
• Ensure fireplace screens/glass slats are properly in place when the fireplace is in use.

Other Seasonal Safety Tips:
• Ensure that all extension cords and Christmas light cords are in good condition, check them for small cracks or breaks.
• Do not overload power outlets in the home.
• Do not remove the batteries from the smoke detectors to use in Christmas gifts.
• Do not leave cooking unattended.
• Ensure smoking material is discarded properly and not put into the garbage.

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