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School Bus Collision Has Brought to Light Problems with A St. Paul Intersection

A school bus collision has highlighted issues with a popular intersection in St. Paul. In mid-November a school bus collided with a small car in St. Paul. No injuries occurred but it did open up discussion on some confusion involving the intersection on 50th ave and 44th street, where the accident happened.

Much of the confusion comes from the fact that a service road meets the main road at the intersection which creates multiple entry points. As it is, those who meet the intersection going northbound into a red light must stop at the stop line, which is located before the service road. They are not allowed to turn right onto 50th Ave. (main street) while the light is red, but they are allowed to turn right onto the service road.

Even with the problems the intersection creates it would be a hard, long process to change the current design. For a simpler, safer setup it would take an agreement between the business owners, the general public and the elected officials.

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