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Bonnyville Man and Woman Arrested in Bizarre Intoxication Incident.

A Bonnyville man and woman have been arrested in a domestic incident that involved a dog being punched, a couch being peed on, a peace officer being punched in the head and an incident too gross to repeat. The full report from the RCMP is below and has to be read to be believed. Be warned that it gets very graphic very quick:


On July 2nd, 2016 at approximately 4:30 PM, the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment received a request from a male wanting his spouse removed from a residence in the town of Bonnyville because she was grossly intoxicated and punching their dog.  Constables arrived on scene and located the complainant on the front step with another male who appeared to be severely intoxicated.  The complainant advised that he also wanted the male, a 35 year old resident of Bonnyville, removed because he was so intoxicated that he peed on the couch inside.  The 35 year old make was arrested without incident and placed in the back of a police vehicle.  The complainant brought the police officers inside the residence where they located the 42 year old female in a state of utter intoxication.  The female, who is in a wheelchair, was advised that she was under arrest for mischief. The complainant assisted police by wheeling the female outside without incident.  Once the female outside at the police vehicle, she became belligerent yelling at the Constables and fell out of her wheelchair.  The complainant attempted to help his spouse however she punched him in the head.  Constables asked everyone to go inside as they noticed the couple’s 10 year old daughter watching disturbance.  At this time, the female propped herself up against the police vehicle, reached into her pants and pulled out her used sanitary napkin that was covered with her bodily fluids and threw it at one of the constables almost hitting him.  Officers tried to subdue the female however she was attempting to kick the officers.  The complainant again tried to assist the officers and his spouse bit him on the leg.  Constables managed to get the female into the wheelchair again however during this she was able to punch her spouse in the face and threatened to kill him.  With the assistance of an additional RCMP Member, the female was placed into a police vehicle and transported to the Bonnyville RCMP detachment.  Once sober the female was brought before a justice of the peace who remanded her into police custody facing charges of Assault Peace Officer with Weapon, Assault, Utter Threats and Resist Arrest.

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