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Cold Lake Woman Wins 250 Grand Off Scratch Ticket

The Lakeland’s bottomless pit of good luck continues to be well… bottomless.

Shannon Grandbois of Cold Lake is the latest in a long line of lotto winners in the region, winning 250,000 dollars of a scratch and win ticket she bought in Ardmore.

“The winner was the first ticket I scratched from the pack,” she said

“At first I thought I had won $25,000, and I was excited,” she continued. “Then I looked again and saw one more zero. I was even more excited!”

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Grandbois plans to put half of her winnings in savings and to spend some on necessities. She hasn’t even scratched the rest of the tickets yet.

“I need new van for me and my kids,” she said. “Now I can do that and I can fix up my house.”

The Cold Lake resident said she’s still in disbelief over her win.

“It’s funny; I was thinking the other day, “What if the lottery changed my life?’” she started. “And now… my life is certainly going to change!”


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