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Tent Caterpillars Swamping Bonnyville

With the nice summer weather comes a few down sides as well. Tent Caterpillars have been rearing their ugly, creepy crawly heads all over Bonnyville.

While its rare for a nest of Tent Caterpillars to kill a tree by themselves, they often eat all the leaves off it until its completely bare. This leaves the tree very weak and prone to dying in other ways.

The MD has published a few tips to get rid of the pests if they’re troubling you. Clipping off the tent and destroying it is an effective method. Early in the morning, late in the evening or on a cool, rainy day are the best times. If you’d rather take a more hands off approach though, an organic insecticide containing Bacillus Thuringiensis will work great as well. Spray it on the leaves of an affected tree so that the larva eat it.

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