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MD Debates How to Fund Town Halls, Local Events

The MD of Bonnyville is taking a close look at how it funds its town halls and events around the region after some debate in council today.

As it stands now, all community halls in the MD get a $25,000 grant every year. The handful of communities that don’t have one get $5,000 that can be used for something else. However, Reeve Ed Rondeau noted that some halls already make enough money to operate without the grant and tend to just bank the grant. The MD will look into each hall’s running costs and income and see what course of action makes sense for next year from there.

The MD is also seeing a growing number of funding requests for events. They used to not get that many but with the current state of the economy, the trend has been in an upward direction. It was mentioned that council stick to funding only public events, but it was quickly brought up how thin the line between public and private can be.  Rondeau isn’t sure exactly how it will work out, but he feels bringing economic returns to the community is  a key factor.

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