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Group Calls for More Transparency at St. Paul Council

A crowd of about 30 people crowded the St. Paul council chambers on Monday calling for more transparency amid rumors that the recreation director was being forced out.

When asked regarding council’s authority to hire and fire city staff, Mayor Glen Anderson clarified that council does not usually weigh on such decisions, which falls under the Chief Administrative Officer’s discretion. If council does weigh in, they must submit a resolution for the CAO to act upon. When asked directly if council was considering firing the director, Anderson said he would have to refer to the CAO for legal advise due to the sensitive nature of discussing an employee’s job status in public. He added that he would get in touch with the group through the town’s spokespeople at a later date.

Some constructive ideas for creating more transparency were brought up at council as well, including hosting public forums and improving the town’s website.

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