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Progress Being Made on Commercial Flights in Cold Lake

The city of Cold Lake’s two and a half year saga of trying to get commercial air service in the area is making headway, but a conclusive date is still up in the air.

The city has been in talks with an undisclosed carrier since 2014 to introduce flights from the city to Calgary. What’s been standing in the way though is an official CATSA designation for the Medley terminal on 4 wing, which would  designate it as having the proper security and luggage services for commercial services.

Mayor Craig Copeland says the city has been dealing with Ottawa on the file for an extended period of time and that things look like they’ll be reaching a conclusion soon. However, he’s reluctant to give any dates. “The dates I’ve used in the past have come and gone, so at this point I’ll just say it’s a work in progress and I’m not putting any dates out there anymore.”

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