The Alberta Energy Regulator has allowed CNRL to resume operations at its Primrose Site.

In July 2013, AER shutdown CNRL’s steaming operations at all of Primrose East and within one kilometre of the Primrose South location while the company investigated four bitumen leaks, which occurred between May and June 2013.

CNRL produced a report indicating four factors that could have caused the leaks, including an excessive release of bitumen emulsion from the producing reservoir, a vertically induced fracture, a significant heaving of the overlying shales, and vertical pathways through which fluid could travel, such as existing well bores or natural fractures.

The Primrose East operations on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range will be converted from high-pressure cyclic steam stimulation to low-pressure steamflood operations.

CNRL and the independent panel are expected to complete their final reports into the incidents by December.