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Cold Lake Woman Wins a Million Bucks From MaxMillions

Margaret Small won’t have to worry so much about paying the bills anymore after  winning a cool one million dollars from the Maxmillions lottery this week.

Small buys a pack of tickets every week and this time it paid off more than anyone could have expected.

“I went to the store and scanned my ticket,” she said. “I saw that my ticket won something, but I couldn’t see how much the ticket had won from where I was standing.”
“I took the ticket to the cashier to see what I had won,” she continues. “She told me I won, but not how much until I asked for the ticket back. She smiled and said, ‘I can’t! It locked up my machine. You won $1,000,000!’”

Small says couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
“I was so surprised, I almost fell to the ground,” she laughed. “I was in such disbelief. Winning is really mind-blowing!”

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Small says she plans to pay a few bills off as well as get some new windows in her house.

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