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St. Paul RCMP encourages community to practice crime prevention through environmental design

In a proactive approach to combating property crime, the St. Paul RCMP is urging residents and business owners to implement Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. CPTED involves strategic design adjustments aimed at reducing opportunities for criminal activity, ultimately bolstering security measures. 


To safeguard homes and businesses, St. Paul RCMP emphasizes the importance of adhering to the three ‘Ds’ of CPTED: Delay, Detect, and Deter.  


Delay: Securing properties and belongings serves as the first line of defense against potential intruders. Investing in security features that create hurdles for criminals can significantly impede their efforts and increase the likelihood of their detection and apprehension.  


Detect: Enhancing visibility and implementing surveillance measures are crucial for detecting unauthorized individuals on your property. Adequate nighttime lighting, unobstructed sightlines, and limited hiding sports can enhance your ability to identify suspicious activity promptly. 

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Deter: The design and layout of your property play a pivotal role in deterring criminal intent. Simple yet effective adjustments such as installing lights, concealing valuables, and fortifying entry points can act as powerful deterrents against would-be offenders. 


Some practical examples recommended by St. Paul RCMP include:  

– Keeping doors and windows securely locked. 

– Utilizing exterior lighting or installing security lights to illuminate vulnerable areas. 

– Installing a comprehensive security camera system to monitor activity. 

– Storing vehicles and recreational equipment in secure locations, such as garages, and ensuring they are properly secured. 

– Avoiding the practice of hiding spare keys on the property. 

– Maintaining landscaping that does not provide cover for potential intruders.  


Sgt. Bobby Burgess St. Paul Detachment operations NCO Town and County underscores the necessity of adopting these preventive measures considering prevailing security concerns. He emphasizes that while unfortunate, it is essential to take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of victimization and deter criminal activity.  


Residents seeking further guidance on implementing CPTED principles can access additional resources through the RCMP’s informational video available at Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (  

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