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County of St. Paul implements Level 2 Fire Advisory amid dry conditions

In response to escalating dry conditions, the County of St. Paul has raised its Fire Advisory to Level 2 effective March 25. This precautionary measure aims to mitigate the risk of wildfires in the region.  


Under the Level 2 Fire Advisory, safe wood campfires remain permitted on private land and within designated campgrounds. The County defines “safe wood campfires” as those contained within a metal, brick, or rock fire ring, in accordance with the County’s Fire Advisory Activities Policy.  


Residents are still eligible to apply for fire permits for “any other open-air fire,” although the issuance of such permits may be subjected to restrictions. It’s important to note that open-air fires do not include those fueled by propane or natural gas appliances.  


While existing fire permits remain valid, the County may suspend issuing new permits. County residents holding fire permits are strongly urged to exercise caution and refrain from burning during adverse weather conditions. Following Alberta’s safe burning practices, including immediate fire extinguishing if wind gusts exceed 15 km/h, as outlined on the provincial website, is essential.  

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Although the County will continue to accept fire permit applications, the process will be subject to heightened scrutiny on a case-by-case basis. The County solicits the public’s understanding during this time, recognizing the necessity of prioritizing fire prevention efforts.  


It’s important to note that the Town of St. Paul and the Town of Elk Point are exempt from the Fire Advisory at this time.  


As the County of St. Paul remains vigilant in monitoring local conditions, residents are encouraged to stay informed and compliant with all fire safety regulations to ensure the community’s well-being.  

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