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Cold Lake city council considers enhanced security measures at Energy Centre

Cold Lake city council is contemplating measures to enhance security at the Cold Lake Energy Centre by compartmentalizing spaces to limit public access during certain times of the day.

The discussion arose during the council’s corporate priorities meeting on February 20, prompted by a series of incidents including fights, vandalism, and damage to infrastructure within the facility, particularly during daytime hours on weekdays. The most recent act of vandalism resulted in the north elevator being rendered inoperable due to severe damage to its control buttons, following extensive repairs to the field house elevator over nine months due to similar vandalism.

Despite surveillance cameras installed throughout the facility, challenges persist in monitoring all areas due to its size. Mayor Craig Copeland emphasized the need to address costly vandalism and conflicts, particularly among youth, which have become a significant concern.

The proposed plan entails establishing a single point of access during weekday mornings and daytime hours while allowing for standard access during evenings and weekends when public programming is active. This approach monitors individuals entering the facility more closely and prevents unattended spaces from becoming gathering spots for unsupervised youth.

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The council also expressed support for additional security patrols outside the facility during off-hours, alongside potential enhancements to the surveillance camera system to deter vandalism and anti-social behavior.

Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Cold Lake, highlighted the council’s commitment to addressing security concerns while maintaining the facility’s public amenities and pride.

The city administration will continue refining the proposed security measures before presenting them for further feedback at future Corporate Priorities meetings. Mayor Copeland reiterated the council’s commitment to enhancing security while ensuring continued access to the facility’s amenities, acknowledging potential inconveniences as necessary steps toward a safer and more secure environment.

As the plans progress, the city remains focused on preserving customer service standards while managing facility access and security effectively.

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