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Bonnyville Wellness Coalition’s Health initiatives gain traction with MD council approval

The Bonnyville Wellness Coalition (BWC) has received a green light from the Municipal District Council to embark on two innovative projects aimed at promoting community health and well-being.  

The approved initiatives include a low-cost bike rental program and the establishment of a community connection space at Vezeau Beach.  

The MD council wholeheartedly supported the proposal for a community connection space at Vezeau Beach. This initiative envisions the installation of two picnic tables through the commemorative bench and picnic table program, costing $3,000 plus GST. The community connection space will feature a “Community Wellness Board,” serving as a hub for showcasing local events and valuable information.  

However, when it comes to the low-cost bike rental program, councilors expressed a need for additional information before granting approval. The BWC’s proposal involved purchasing four bicycles from a local sporting goods store and setting rental fees at an affordable $2. The intent is to encourage physical activity and overcome financial barriers by keeping costs minimal. The BWC further plans to provide helmets, disinfectant for cleanliness, and decals for bike recognition.  

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Councilor Darcy Skarsen highlighted the potential for private businesses to participate in water-based rentals, such as paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, and bicycles. Meanwhile, councilor Fadeyiw urged caution, emphasizing the importance of evaluating the feasibility of the bike rental program. He pointed out maintenance costs, specifically the expenses associated with bike gearing, estimating a range of $300-$500 per bike.  

“I think it’s a good testing program. Let’s see what they can do,” cautioned Fadeyiw.  

As the Bonnyville Wellness Coalition strives to enhance both physical activity and social well-being in the community, the collaborative efforts with the MD showcase a commitment to exploring innovative avenues for a healthier and more connected Bonnyville. The council’s decision reflects a balanced approach, acknowledging the potential benefits of the proposals while ensuring due diligence in the implementation of these initiatives. The Bonnyville community eagerly awaits the positive impacts these health initiatives will bring in the future.

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