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Labour Attraction program launches in Cold Lake

The City of Cold Lake is accepting applications from local businesses looking to fill local labour gaps through the Rural Renewal Stream. The successful bussinesses who receive endorsement will use the program to help hire for positions which they have been unable to fill. Those hired through the program are immigrants who want to settle in Cold Lake and receive their permanent residency.

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland says the program takes a broad view of economic immigration, adding the idea of the program is not to just fill the jobs that need to be filled.

“The idea is also to make sure the people taking these jobs have what they need to succeed in Cold Lake,” Copeland says. “It will provide them support and information, so that they can do more than settle in Cold Lake; we want them to thrive here.”

To set businesses and future employees up for sucess the city will be holding an information session on May 4th at the Lakeland Inn. The session will go over the steps it takes to access the program, how job vacancies will be approved to be part of the Cold Lake rurual Renewal Stream, and how prospective applicants can apply directly to the employers for the position.

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“It is important that the businesses accessing the program have a good understanding of the eligibility requirements not only for themselves and the positions they want to hire for, but also a strong understanding of the eligibility requirements for the applicants themselves,” Copeland says.

He adds the program promises to continue the tradition the Cold Lake community has seen in the past, with newcomers thriving, put down roots and becoming business owners and employers themselves. The information session will be taking place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and is free to attend. There will also be a $10 soup and sandwhich lunch available.

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