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Bonnyville updates Garbage Bylaw, road widening project

During Bonnyville’s Town Council meeting the Garbage Bylaw and the street widening project were both in talks about being updated to better fit the needs of the town in 2023.

The Garbage Bylaw was first created in 1987 and during the meeting administration said needs updating. The proposed changes are planned to try to meet current operations, vocabulary, reference legislation, and provincial departments. 

The changes will update the collection methods, increase the weight restrictions from 25 to 80 Kilograms, and formalizes the practice for disability pickup among others. 

The proposed new Bylaw No. 1543-23 was approved by Bonnyville Town Council unanimously.

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During the same meeting, The Town received a request to widen a current lane off of 50 Ave in Bonnyville.

The Town got the request to help provide better access to the area and provide better drainage with the new proposed development near the lane. No land owners or agencies who were notified of the change objectified. 

Elisa Brosseau, Mayor of Bonnyville says it is time to widen the lane and get more development in the town. 

“For too long it has just been a laneway with too many residents in that area so I think it will just go to improve and enhance the quality of life there.”

The widening of the lane will give the town better access to the area and invite development projects in the future. A motion was made and passed unanimously.

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