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Bonnyville’s rebranding session deemed success

The town of Bonnyville hosted a Rebranding Strategy engagement session last week to let the town voice its opinion on how they want the town rebranded.

Topics between the town’s logo, color schemes, and everything in between were up for discussion. The session began at 5:30 p.m. at the St. Louis Parish Hall. In a Facebook post, the Town of Bonnyville said it was a huge success and that it wouldn’t have been possible without each one of the participants.

Ted Traikovski the General Manager of Planning and Community Services says it went great. “We had a lot of feedback from our citizens and stakeholders and the feedback coming back to me has just been wonderful.”

Traikovski says everyone who participated seemed to appreciate being heard. The ideas brought forward during the session will be discussed with the consultants and later brought to council for approval. Traikovski says everyone can expect 2 or 3  recommendations by the consultant sent to the council within 4 – 6 weeks.

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“Then at that time council will say well we don’t like any of them come back or yes we like this one but can you tweak it and come back within 3 or 4 weeks?”

Mid-March is the goal to see something presented to council. Traikovski says he is unsure what will happen if council chooses not to proceed with any of the proposed ideas and will talk with the consultants about the possibility. 

“These people are world-class, they have designed some pretty major cities and towns across Alberta and BC so we are pretty confident they are going to come back with something that will blow our socks off. We are in the digital age and we are attracting people all over the place. We want to connect with people all over the world and to a larger extent our visual and tagline are very important.”

The town of Bonnyville was able to provide the consultants with fourteen hours of material during the Rebranding Strategy engagement session to work with.

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