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Bonnyville Library Board needs new member

The Bonnyville Municipal Library is looking for a new member to help make choices for the library.

The Bonnyville Municipal Library Board is looking for a member who resides in the Town of Bonnyville and would like to help guide the Library with the Manager. Currently, the board has 5 members and is looking for one more.

Nicole Labrie Manger for the Bonnyville Library says the board has made massive changes like when the library’s wifi was changed to reach the parking lot.

“Over the past year, the board helped create our library plan of service. How they did that is the Library ran a big survey in 2021 and then in 2022 the board worked with the Manager at the time to develop the 5-year plan that we want to see at the Library. The board played a huge role in deciding our priorities.”

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Anyone looking to apply is asked to give examples of why applicants are invested in the library and list any community service but mostly explain why future board members would make a good fit. The term length is 3 years.

“Right now we have a really good group and everyone is fairly new to the board. We are all starting fresh and everyone has big ideas. Anyone with big ideas or is a creative thinker is more than welcomed to apply.”

Labrie says while only one position is available right now there could be more if enough interest is sparked.

The board meets once a month normally on the first Tuesday of every month either in person or over zoom. Ideas of what the library should do are tossed around during these meetings. Examples of topics discussed in the meetings include funding and staffing. The board votes on whether to go ahead with the proposed idea.

The following position is available for community people:

  • Library Board member – one member from the community at large residing in the Town of Bonnyville.

The deadline for applications is February 12, 2023, at noon, and must be sent to Mr. Bill Rogers the Chief Administrative Officer at his email [email protected].

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