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Lakeland trailer home lost in fire

A trailer home fire in the Cold Lake area has taken everything away from Juanita Topolie and her partner Sam.

Juanita Topolie was reading Tuesday afternoon when she heard crackling coming from her wood stove. When she got up the stove was on fire. She says she tried splashing water on the stove but to no avail.

“My brain went blank as to where the fire extinguishers were but remembered we had one in the camper. When I went to go get it I found it frozen.”

Juanita says the fire crews came quite quickly after she called but the fire trucks froze up from the weather.

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“It was like 45 minutes before they were able to get any water onto the fire which was into the roof,” Juanita says she was standing out in the cold watching everything. “It was really hard to see, any chance of the trailer home being saved go away because the fire crew couldn’t get the water working. It’s really tough to lose everything in the trailer.”

Fire crews were able to help put out the fire before it spread to the backroom which held a lawn tractor, generator, chainsaw, and dirt bike. 

Luckily all the animals evacuated the home and no one was harmed in the fire. Currently, Juanita is staying in her home in Cold Lake. She says the trailer home was not insured on account of its age and the fact it was a trailer home with a wooden stove.

A GoFundMe has been set up by a friend which can be found here along with an email ([email protected] with the security question answer being “Fire00”) for transfers if people would like to help support financially.

“This Lakeland Community is phenomenal, I have been living in this area for 26 years and I have always been saying that Lakeland is supreme.”

Get Trashed has provided a dumpster for her and Sam’s use with the M.D. skipping the charges for dumping the rumble for the trailer home at the dump site.

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