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The new Vezeau Beach Boat Launch has been approved

M.D. Council has approved the replacement of the Vezeau Beach Boat Launch at just over $625,000, to be funded from the 2022 Capital Budget.

Originally, the mooring system was to be replaced as well but Council agreed to cancel the new mooring system, as it would put the project over budget by $1.24 million.

The new boat launch is planned to be 36 meters long and 9 meters wide. This is wide enough to handle two vehicles using it at once. The design accounts for high and low water mark levels, large boat sizes, tie into existing parking lot, alignment with mooring system location, and high launch traffic and usage. The boat launch is planned to go on the west side of the current dock.

Most costs for the boat launch are attributed to the following:

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Boat Launch Grade Preparation

  • Strict adherence to environmental requirements which include possible installation of coffer dam
  • Removal of existing boat launch
  • Survey work as required
  • Excavation and removal of sediment layer
  • Grading and base prep of installation area
  • Installation and grading of aggregate base
  • Boat Launch Precast Panels (The concrete slabs placed in the water and shore)
  • Placement of slabs
  • Fastening to lakebed and shore

The remaining costs are related to the following:

  • Mobilization and Demobilization from site
  • Tie-in of new boat launch to existing roadway
  • Environmental management

The Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture at the M.D. of Bonnyville Bowen Clausen presented the motion to the council.

“Taking this into account, and noting the type of boat launch required, this is a much more substantive project compared to many of the MD`s usual basic single vehicle single launches.“ 

Ward 2 Councillor Darcy Skansen expressed worries about two trucks fitting in the launch.

“I kind of envision a lot of people backing in and taking up to much space for another truck to back in even though it might be designed for two.“

Council did look at the option of widening the 9 meters but was made aware during the meeting that 9 meters are one meter wider than any road paved in the M.D. currently.

Ultimately the vote was called and passed 7 – 0 in favor of the new launch.

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