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Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority warns the Lakeland about fire safety

The Lakeland is getting warmer and more people are headed out to the campground but Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority reminds the Lakeland about fire safety.

Regional Training Officer/Fire Prevention Dwayne Ethier says the biggest thing about safety around campfires is to not overdo it.

“Some people like to have really big campfires but it’s best to keep them at a reasonable size. Whether you are using them for cooking or just sitting around or keeping warm we ask you to just keep them at a reasonable size.”

Ethier says a fire should be around a meter in diamiter and in an area where the embers aren’t going to catch anything around it on fire.

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“If you are camping in the backcountry you need to be aware of what is above the campfire as well as make sure you dig past the organic materials. Go down to the clay and then you can build your rocks around it.”

The organic material around the flames is called ground fuel and has a habit of igniting really quickly and traveling just as fast. The Regional Training Officer/Fire Prevention says it takes less than a second for a campfire to take a turn for the worse.

“It only takes a moment to start a fire that gets out of control especially if you are in a drought and there is little moisture in the ground.”

Ethier recommends bringing a shovel to dig and prepare the fire pit as well as a bucket to fill with water when putting out the fire.

Campfires are not the only cause of fires as off-road vehicles can spark something as well if not maintained properly.

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